Monday, January 7, 2013

Info about treatment day

I find it hard to refrain from reading as much as possible about acoustic neuromas and the effects and benefits of treatment.  Computers make it possible to study a wealth of information and opinions.

I return again and again to the "Day of Your Treatment" page on the website of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Neurological Surgery Gamma Knife Centre.
You should arrange for transportation on the day of treatment, as you should not drive yourself home after the procedure. Wear loose comfortable clothing that does not have any metal (earrings, belts, bracelets, buckles, zippers, snaps). Do not bring any valuables (jewelry, earrings, watch, money) to the hospital.
Please bring any medications you need to take for the day with you to ensure you do not miss any doses.
On the day of your surgery, you will report to the Admitting Department at Health Sciences Centre, usually between 5:30 and 5:45 am (820 Sherbrook entrance). Then you will proceed to the Gamma Knife suite (room GH 186B). You will remain in your own clothes. Your blood pressure and pulse will be monitored, and an intravenous will be started. Physicians will apply a stereotactic headframe. For this procedure, the skin and scalp will receive local anesthetic, or freezing at two points over forehead and two at the back of your head. The headframe is then secured tightly and you will feel pressure around your head. This discomfort is temporary, and once in place, the headframe is generally not painful. If required, sedation and analgesics (pain medication) are available.
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I plan on lots of praying and turning things over into God's capable hands, but I'm thinking it might be wise to talk with the doctor when I meet with him the day prior to treatment about the possibility of some light sedation just to make treatment day a bit easier.

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