Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coincidence? Likely not...

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As next week's consult and treatment draw ever closer it seems that talk about brains and neurology are popping up everywhere.

A new television series is centred around a neurosurgeon.  In the preview episode his boss handed him a pair of baseball tickets.  When he questioned their source she told him "They're a gift from your acoustic neuroma patient." Impaired hearing aside, the words rang clearly.

A blogging friend Jennifer at Getting Down with Jesus just re-ran a post from a year ago about new cowboy boots and waiting for MRI results and a neurologist's appointment that shared good news.  I sent her a message asking if they had been looking for an acoustic neuroma, letting her know that I had not receive the same good report.

News and science shows seem to be talking more about brain scans... Is this coincidental?  I think not, it is more likely that I am just highly sensitive to what I would have ignored before.  In our selfish human way, we seem to pay attention only to those things that concern us.

So I guess I'm more concerned than I'd like to admit.  Have to stop hiding that.

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  1. Of course, you are concerned, Karin. And that does not in any way make you a faith-less believer. This is scary stuff and I'm praying with you for good results at the end of the month. I'm glad you're writing about it, getting those anxieties down on the page - much better to face into them and prayerfully seek God's help and ours. TEAM KARIN!!