Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't think I missed anything...

From the time I saw Les Miserables on stage many years ago in Chicago I fell in love and I hoped someone would do a film version so I could repeatedly enjoy the wonderful music.

Today I was able to revel in the fulfilment of that wish.

I admit I was a bit apprehensive, unsure if I would be able to correctly hear the words being spoken and sung.  I feel like I miss so much these days.  For example, last night we watched the Golden Globe awards (yes, many awards granted to Les Mis) and I struggled to hear, asking my husband to repeat and decipher things for me.

For example, at one point I couldn't tell if someone was talking about "short shots", "pure shock" or "pork hocks".  Okay, go ahead and laugh, I would too if I were you. It would be amusing if it wasn't me this was happening to.

God must have known my desires, for the sound in our new local theater is remarkably loud and clear.  I'm sorry if it may have seemed deafening to others, but I was able to hear, and I believe from what I recall of the songs I actually heard the words correctly.

Thankful today for this.  May I always find reasons to rejoice.

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