Thursday, November 14, 2013

music only I can hear

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An overall sense of dizziness continues to be a problem.  Not enough to cause nausea, stumbling or falling, but a spinning uneasiness.  It must be God's own hand that sustains my balance.

Tonight the tinnitus in my left ear fills the entire side of my head, much louder than I'm used to.  Usually if I am listening to other sounds the ringing fades.  But as we watch television the internal noise roars on.

It is as if I am tuned in to a wavelength set just for me.  A music only I can hear. Unfortunately, I cannot choose to shut it off.  I can't not listen.  

Perhaps I can tune in to it, use it the way others use white noise to find relaxation.

My follow-up MRI is scheduled for January 15th.  Hopefully it will show the neurosurgeon what effect the gamma-knife radiation treatment is having.

If you see me dancing when there is no apparent melody playing, don't be alarmed.

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