Monday, September 16, 2013

response about symptoms

At the end of August, after my last blog post here, I sent an email to the Gammaknife Treatment Centre reporting in about my symptoms.

I waited for reply, thinking I should phone in but also hoping the dizziness I have been struggling with would ease up.

Today I received the following email:

Regarding frequent dizziness, increased tinnitus and your hearing is worse.
We discussed this with dr. Kaufmann….

Continue to monitor these symptoms….if they become worse – an MRI should be done.
However, you should be followed up with a MRI 12  months post treatment.
You should be having a MRI in January,  2014 – looks like we sent Brandon Hospital your requisition.

Glad to hear you are not experiencing facial weakness!!

I think I will wait a bit yet before next contact.  From what I've read the symptoms can vanish as quickly as they appeared and with as fast as time has been moving January will be right around the next corner.  I am, as always, in God's hands.

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