Sunday, June 9, 2013

another summer

A year ago
we were in the middle of
the summer of trouble

the water in our well was resisting treatment
I lit scented candles every time I had to run the water

our "good" vehicle chose to die

we were waiting to travel to Saskatoon
to meet with a neurotologist
to discuss treatment options
needed a reliable vehicle to get us there
and back

I was also trying to plan a trip south to visit my mother
battling her cancer and lung issues

problem built upon problem
upon problem

we were all sharp edges
ready to crack, burn

we stand now
on the edge of another summer
with a newer vehicle
clean water
five months post gamma knife
my mother's struggle over
as she found peace in April

my ears are ringing, yes
my hearing no better than before
but not worse

we have plans, big plans ahead
and hope

another summer
and we can see the colour 
the rains have left behind

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