Friday, February 15, 2013

3 weeks and a day

Time moves so quickly lately that I am surprised that it has only been three weeks and a day since my gamma knife treatment.

The spots where the frame was attached to my forehead look like little dents.  There is still inflammation that makes the area around them feel like little hills and the tenderness remains.  The spots on the back of my head feel a bit crusted (like a bad case of dandruff) and I am reminded of them with passing pain each time I lay my head down.

Tiredness comes and goes unpredictably as does a vague sense of vertigo. Headaches appear out of nowhere but happily vanish just as unexpectedly. Many times I feel perfectly healthy and energized.

The past few months I've been struggling with hot flashes that had all but disappeared for years.  I am not sure that they have anything to do with the brain issue or perhaps hormones again out of whack due to my intentional weight loss.  I scheduled a time to talk with my nurse practitioner in early March to investigate.

Three weeks gone, the journey continues.

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  1. I am visiting your blog for the first time, in response to your visit at Healing Morning earlier this month. I read through several of your posts here - loved the one w/ the comment on feeling like Elroy on the Jetsons! - so that I had a better understanding of your journey. I have a dear friend who underwent gamma knife surgery a couple of years ago and I find the whole process fascinating. The fact that you took time to share the whole process with us is valuable, and I'm sure it will help others in the future.

    I hope that your procedure was completely successful, and I will focus healing energy and prayer for your continued recovery.